Review: Tameable

Tameable by Arabella Kingsley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Alien are not for real, are they? They are little green men with big heads and asexual bodies, right? Amanda learns different when aliens are real and they aren't tiny green androgynous beings. Instead, they are sword wielding warriors with a penchant for spanking disobedient females.

In this sci-fi fantasy, these alpha men practice domestic discipline. Twins Roman and Julian fight for the right to be Amanda's mate. Amanda's unknown past is uncovered when she moves to a new community where every man seems to be a model. Their caveman antics shouldn't impress nor arouse, yet it does.

Ms. Kingsley pens a cute story which tries to incorporate a little too much in a short period of time. It is possible to bring ménage, aliens and domestic discipline all into one cohesive story. This one falls a bit short because it feels rushed. The different plot devices and thrown together with little character or world building. Much of the story is telling rather than showing. To also throw in a bit of ageplay just makes the story more disjointed. It feels as if each piece doesn't get a fair share in the story which leaves the reader a bit unsatisfied. Still, it's a fun little read to give people a little taste of Ms. Kingsley. This sci-fi fantasy is recommended to ménage lover who favour domestic discipline.

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