Review: Triple Cross [Triple Trouble 7]

Triple Cross [Triple Trouble 7]
Triple Cross [Triple Trouble 7] by Tymber Dalton

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An exploding moose will definitely catch a reader's attention. In this highly anticipated latest installment of the Triple Trouble series, it's all coming together.

Elain is the main featured character. She's learning just how powerful a seer she will become. Frustrating her is the lack of guidance and training manual. She and her two "sisters" still wing it.

Ms. Dalton doesn't disappoint in this book. The plot moves forward. Several open threads from previous stories are brought to closure in this one. Both main and secondary characters are continuously developed and woven into a strong community. This is what makes Ms. Dalton's books so good. There is strong support group through family and friends. In fact, the bonds are so interconnected the friends are considered family. As with any family, there are fights at times because not everyone agrees. Ms. Dalton addresses this in a way that is constructive rather than a dysfunctional reality TV show. Above all, this story is about forgiveness against the violators.

This secondary message in the book is an interesting one. For someone who perpetrated unspeakable acts of violence against Elain and her loved ones, is it possible for her to move on? Or will she become a wrathful executioner meting out her version of justice? She does possess the power for mass destruction. Will she abuse this power? As with any conflict, there are two sides to the story. When the past is revealed, can a reader discount the pain of a villain and still punish them for their evil acts? Or will the reader excuse the aggressor because of how he was raised? Perhaps there is a third option which is a little of both.

Another concept I enjoyed watching play out is if the ends justifies the means. Ms. Dalton finally reveals a secret Ain's hidden from his family for decades. This pain is a festering wound which Seer Elain can now see and understand how it influences his decisions. When there is an opportunity to ease his pain through magical means, is it right to do so? How will this impact others who may have known the secret? This is a new thread which I'm eager to see play out, especially as more of Ain's family members are showing up.

The pace in this book is at a more accommodating rate than the last one. There are good lulls for the reader and Elain to process new information and situations. Still, the book moves at a good pace, making it a page turner. This paranormal erotica is recommended for readers who enjoy all sorts of shifters and magic entwining into a complex tapestry.

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      Triple Cross [Triple Trouble 7]




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