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Awakening Jessica
Awakening Jessica by Athena Michaels

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For those who enjoyed the underlying erotic tone in the movie Black Swan and the romantic aspect to Phantom of the Opera, Awakening Jessica will be of interest. Jessica Thomson is the shy quiet ballet dancer who is oft overlooked. She's not part of the clique of popular albeit slutty prima donnas. Jessica is dedicated to dancing and yet her time is also split, consumed with her naughty pastime.

Jessica is a voyeur who enjoys watching the main male lead, Leo, seduce and sample every popular female student. Aroused and un-careful, Jessica is caught peeking and masturbating. Fortunately for her, the person decides to teach Jessica to be a better dancer whilst learning the art of sexual release.

The blurb is dead on with the Phantom of the Opera feel. The story is romantically sweet. This is a theme where the wallflower underdog is given a chance to shine. Jessica's glow comes more from just her new technical skills, it's also because she's finally getting laid. Funny how orgasms and sexual torment leading to pleasure can change a person's attitude for the better. Perhaps the world would be a better place if people received a daily dose of orgasms.

Ms. Michaels creates a believable world of backstabbing dancers and strict teachers. Her sex scenes are hawt and well described. It's easy to see the different rooms described. It's also easy to imagine how Jessica and her mysterious masked teacher interact through dance steps to sexual maneuvers. The added excitement of being possibly discovered having sex in public rooms is a nice touch. This erotic tale is recommended to kinky ballerinas looking for their seductive leading male.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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