Review: Committed: Drug of Desire

Committed: Drug of Desire
Committed: Drug of Desire by Sidney Bristol

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

It's hard enough being single and going to a BDSM retreat. To attend one where most in the group are either dominant or submissive is rough on switches. Poppy Mercer is a switch who loves to give and receive. She knows herself well and she also knows what she wants. Her kinky lifestyle is at odds with how she's raised and it's okay since she keeps it a dark secret. Hoping to have some kinky fun, she is disappointed at a private BDSM retreat until she meets Damien.

Damien is all dominant. There is neither a submissive nor bottoming bone in his body. When he spies upon Poppy, he wants her and is willing to try to bottom just to enjoy some playtime with her. The two definitely play well together as sparks fly in their first scene and Poppy is hyped up with subspace. These two characters are lovingly created and the way they interact with each other is realistic.

It's nice to see how switches are treated in some groups. As a switch myself, it can be difficult because there are some groups who believe a person is one or another. Just like there is no such thing as bisexual for some groups. To be a bisexual switch can sometimes arouse even more discrimination. Mostly, people label switches as greedy play sluts. Poppy's experience is valid and disheartening to see since it's supposed to be a lifestyle which preaches for people to be nonjudgmental.

From a BDSM perspective, this story is quite good. The emphasis on negotiation and preferred aftercare is done just right. It's not a lecture; it's a clear indication of what happens when communication is ignored. I also liked how a good dominant is shown to make bad choices. It happens. It's not the end of the world. It is possible to repair the relationship and begin again. This is a good book showing a realistic BDSM dynamic between two people who have day jobs. These day jobs also can surprisingly overlap with the lifestyle.

The plot of this story is also well done. It gives the book more meat than just a BDSM hook up. The conflict between Poppy's family and how she lives her life also added to the story. What is also nice are the secondary characters. Poppy's friends are kick butt. They are quirky, unique and loyal. It would have been nice to have them featured a bit more in the story. Damien's family is also a great addition. The contrasts shown between the two families is well done and makes the characters feel more real and relatable.

This kinky story is recommended as a BDSM gateway book.

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