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Edge of Need
Edge of Need by Sara Brookes

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Hotlanta is the place to be! As someone who has friends in the Atlanta area, this story appeals to me immediately. Sutton is a dancer recovering from a physical injury. This is probably the worst nightmare a dancer can experience. To ensure she doesn't try to get back into dancing too soon, she forces herself to go to Atlanta for rest and relaxation. She's also interested in looking into the BDSM scene. First night at a BDSM club, she runs into Adam and sparks fly.

From a BDSM perspective, this story is solid. It's erotic. It's spot on with BDSM politics as well as the BDSM scenes. The interaction between Sutton and Adam are great to watch, even when they are not getting along. The demos Adam uses Sutton for at the club are panty wetting goodness. It's a bit too much exhibition for my taste, but definitely awesome for my voyeuristic tendencies. I also appreciate Ms. Brookes involving Dungeon Monitors. Not many people outside of the lifestyle understand the importance of Dungeon Monitors or that they exist in most clubs and BDSM conventions.

Since this is part of a series, it is good to see previous character I really liked showing up in this book. There are also a couple of new characters which caught my attention and I hope they will be featured in their own story.

The story moves at a good pace and there is good character development. Both Adam and Sutton have more to their lives than their kinky side. What brings this story down for me are two threads which seem to be left hanging. Both involve family and past history for Adam and Sutton. Adam's situation with his sister and his mother came across as something of importance. Yet it never went anywhere. The same with Sutton's situation with her brother. It's not clear why she loves her family so much yet she does not want to return home. If this point is just mentioned once, it would be okay. With it brought up several times, it feels as if there is a key element here which needs to be resolved, yet it fizzles out into the background. This conflicting information did not make sense to me. Perhaps both of these tangents will be resolved in another book in this series.

This story is enjoyable and recommended for BDSM lovers who enjoy a sadistic exhibitionist.

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      Edge of Need (Body Masters, #3)




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