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Fast Track
Fast Track by Julie Garwood

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Suspense, friendship and friends become lovers is a terrific combination from talented Ms. Garwood. Cordelia Kane is smart and grounded. Her father may be a rich man from his business, but she still earns her way to pay for her schooling. With her two best friends settled down happily married, she's feeling a bit of a fifth wheel. When her father's heart attack reveals the truth about her mother, it pushes Cordelia to make some major life changes.

The first change, she won't be like her father, left all alone. Ms. Garwood creates a fabulous story with a focus on love. Love of a father, love of a mother, love of friends and most importantly, how love from a lover will impact a person's life. Cordelia's life is infused with love from her father and friends. What she wants to understand, is how and why her mother left a child and loving husband behind. In this journey to discover why her mother treated her father so poorly, she also finds herself finally involved with Aiden Madison. Aiden is her childhood crush who sees Cordelia as a little sister. When Cordelia makes the decision to no longer wait for Aiden to notice her and move on with her life to find a mate and a new home, Aiden is in for a rude awakening.

Ms. Garwood's books are so enjoyable to read because of her character development. She does an excellent job with her characters. They come to life, jumping off the pages. The bonds between three childhood friends is a beautiful thing to see. In an age where people move more often and childhood friendships no longer continue into adulthood, this is appealing to read. The suspense and twist added into the story keeps a reader riveted and wanting to learn more. Still, it's the characters which make this story so good. Even the secondary characters are charming. An example is how much Cordelia's father impacted so many people's life. To hear all the things he did is truly inspiring and makes me want to be a better person. Books that inspire me to make a change and help make the world a better place is a book I love.

The sexual heat between Cordelia and Aiden builds into a sensual erotic burn. It's easy to see the sparks flying between the two of them. Just as it is amusing to see Aiden become possessive of Cordelia when she least expects it. The relationship is a long time coming and even then, it needed several pushes from helpful friends. It's fun to see how the two of the balance each other and even though they have known each other for so long, they still learn new things about each other. This contemporary romance is recommended for those who enjoy friends become lovers theme.

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