Review: Feminized Fiancé

Feminized Fiancé
Feminized Fiancé by Ann Michelle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Total guilty pleasure. I read this with one hand whilst running the vibrator with the other. The story is exactly what the blurb states. The degradation is delicious. Rick is too easily tricked. I have no sympathy for him. Victoria is a future mother in law from hell. What she does to Rick is lovely to read about. Personally I didn't find it that taboo.

The story isn't complicated. The characters are one dimensional. The plot is straight forward. What makes this a good read is feminization process of Rick. The women in this story are horrible and that's what makes it good. Forcing Rick to have boobs and turning him feminine is well done. Definite porn candy for those into sissification. Recommended to read for a little "me" time.

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      Feminized Fiancé




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