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Healing Hark
Healing Hark by Dakota Trace

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Pick up this book and read it now. This is book eight in the Chicago Doms series. This can be read as a standalone book. Harkalone aka Hark is an intimidating former special forces man who can move like a ghost. After losing his dominant and submissive in a horrible accident, he's never moved on. Three years later, he still pines away for what he once experienced. As a switch who enjoys both sides of D/s, he needs are oft ignored due to his physical presence. His concerned friends decide to try one last time to pull him out of his funk, before he dies of a broken heart, all alone. This ploy could majorly backfire.

Ms. Trace is an amazing writer when it comes to BDSM. Either she's in the lifestyle or she does thorough research. This book exudes BDSM testosterone which will make a submissively included reader whimper and moan in desire. With three males forming a true triad, it's delicious. To add three males who are all alpha in their own ways to form a D/s relationship where one is dominant, one is submissive and the last one is switch just kicks this book up the hawtness rating.

This story is beautiful to read because it really is a book about healing Hark. He is suffering from a broken heart. He also never got over his first dominant and lover. While Hark is amazing at fixing problems, his own emotional needs are left as festering wounds. Hark places everyone's needs above his which makes him a good dominant caring for a submissive's needs. It also makes him a good submissive because he wants to please his dominant. This amazing character trait is also a flaw for him because it leaves him with nothing left to give. And as a reader learns more about his past relationships, a different picture emerges and makes a reader feel even more for Hark. Hark is the white knight who saves the day and doesn't have the white knight syndrome. Instead, he's the one who doesn't expect accolades or even to be recognized. He does it because he can and he loves to protect.

It's hard not to fall in love with Hark. When the a D/s couple takes him into their home for healing, it's all too apparent how this story will go. There is nice added conflict because the couple includes Hark's former master who couldn't accept all of Hark's desire to top and bottom. Ms. Trace does an excellent job in showing how people can grow. She also shows how D/s dynamics can change. Her BDSM scenes are panty wetting goodness especially when Bryan, Diachi's current submissive behaves a bit bratty. The rawness of emotion expressed during the BDSM scenes as well as in the non BDSM scenes is almost physically tangible. It makes this book even more enjoyable. The characters are all individuals. Many times, in a m/m book the characters are so similar, it's hard to remember who is who. Ms. Trace does a good job of creating different personalities with unique voices and thoughts. What this does is make each of these characters pop out and almost become a friend of the reader. The bond between the reader and the characters feels intimate and personal. This book is highly recommended to kinky ménage lovers who love m/m triads.

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      Healing Hark  (Doms of Chicago, #8)




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