Review: Hot, Rich and Dominant - The Complete Collection

Hot, Rich and Dominant - The Complete Collection
Hot, Rich and Dominant - The Complete Collection by Amy Valenti

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Love sexy boss stories? This is one which will tickle your fancy. Hot, rich and dominant is the perfect title for this serial collection. Eleanor aka Nell is starting out a new job and it's great. She steps right into it the first day by insulting the CEO's son without knowing it. Marc Cassidy may be the owner's son but it's no free ride for him. He suffers under his tyrannical father.

What I liked about this book is the BDSM. Ms. Valenti writes arousing scenes which encourage "me-time". From an erotic hawtness meter, this is a 4 star. The BDSM scenes are realistic. There are fun ideas for couples who are excited with public play to try. Ms. Valenti is a solid author when it comes to great BDSM books. The fact that Marc is rich does not detract from the book. There are a slew of billionaire dominant books. This is a good one to read and can happily reside in the GlitterKink recommendations.

The characters in this story are good. Both Nell and Marc are likeable. They are people I'd like to be friends with. The way they interact with friends and co-workers is great. Their chemistry with each other definitely gives off sparks. The secondary characters are all great too.

The serial format is not my preferred. Reading this all in one book makes it much better because of the instant gratification. I can't stop at just one. Each installment gets better and pulls me deeper into the story. It also starts to paint a darker picture of Marc's past. What throws me is the last one in this serial. TRUST AND DETERMINATION seems to come in like a dam bursting. The rest of the story is a nice flow and pace. There are heightened sections with the sexual interludes. In this last one, crazy events pop up in a more dramatic way than in the previous installments. This is a bit jarring if thrilling. The ending comes crashing down with a couple of big reveals. One is carefully set up whilst the other one is a bit out there. It may leave a few readers a bit disoriented.

This erotic collection is recommended to kinky readers who fantasize about male dominant who are both rich and handsome.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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      Hot, Rich and Dominant - The Complete Collection (Hot, Rich and Dominant, #1-6)




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