Review: Naughty Bits Part IV The Highest Bid

Naughty Bits Part IV The Highest Bid
Naughty Bits Part IV The Highest Bid by Joey W. Hill

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Auction fantasies are pretty hawt in theory. In reality, will they turn out as well? In this fourth serial installment, Madison is feeling good about kink and taking over her sister's store. Her kinky exploration with Logan is expanding, including a fantasy she's been wanting to try out. She dreams about being trained as a sex slave and then sold in an auction to a new master.

This set up is well done. Ms. Hill blends fantasy and reality smoothly in this contemporary romance. She highlights how reality differs a bit from the fanciful plans. It's rather amusing this is an erotic fiction with a reality check to a character's fetish dream. As to the characters, Madison is much better in this story. She's grown less judgmental. Her ability to relate to the store customers is a nice change. Her acceptance of her own desires is also pleasant to witness.

Logan is still the dreamy dominant who serves his submissive as much as he dominates her. He's the gentle yet strict dominant who plans scenes carefully and enjoys it. Adding his friends to help make the scene more intense is lovely. The supporting cast in this story are enchanting. With their experiences in the lifestyle, it helps support Madison to become more free and daring. This is a sweet installment in an erotic awakening. Recommended as a BDSM Gateway book.

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      Naughty Bits Part IV The Highest Bid



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