Review: Pet to the Tentacle Monsters!

Pet to the Tentacle Monsters!
Pet to the Tentacle Monsters! by Lilia Ford

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tentacles, non-consensual sex, spanking and gagging - how can I resist? Ms. Ford is a new to me author who I will be keeping my eye on. Pet to the Tentacle Monsters could be a porn without a plot story. It's not. It's a deviant twisted tale of a low achiever reaching his potential. Benji is an angry kid. He lives in a prison like reservations where humans try to do their best to survive. He's lost his family and is angry at the world.

At first this story's sci-fi elements remind me a bit of Soylent Green with the way people are given ratios for food. Then it comes across a bit District 9, except the extraterrestrial are actually humans living in slums. The ratings for a human's worthiness is interesting. Because in this story, with a rating of 1 to 10, the humans understand it to mean one thing while the tentacle monsters interpret it a bit differently which results in a lot of confusion and failures to communicate.

This is a very well written story. The world building is clear for those who are into sci-fi/alien genre. The characters are well written. How Ms. Ford creates different personalities for the three different tentacle monsters is a mystery to me. The way she creates each one feels as if she is melding anime porn, Aliens and Galaxy Quest into a cohesive family. I liked each of the tentacle monsters and they actually bring the best out of Benji.

Benji is a character who is all too easy to understand. He's the rebel without a cause. He learns a little too late that his actions have severe consequences for all, not just him. Fortunately, he's given a second chance. It's quite interesting to see his growth. His sexual violation is pretty hawt. I have to admit this is the reason why I wanted to read this book. I wanted to read about a male who is restrained by tentacles and violated in every hole. I wanted to read about his humiliation, degradation and exploitation. Ms. Ford screws with my mind by delivering all three spank bank themes a sweet manner. This is why I'm impress with Ms. Ford. Her ability to blur the lines and make the demoralizing debauchery erotic and so right is a talent. She is one of a handful of authors who can merge this paradox in a smooth manner.

I would love to read more books in this world. It would be fabulous is she could follow up with more pleasurable punishment and tasty torments visited upon Benji or more humans. More tentacle relations to bring forth better understanding between the two races would be a delight. Revealing more about how this world works and the wars that have occurred is another possibility. After reading this book, I now must read all of Ms. Ford's books. Recommended for kinky readers who love dub-con tentacle sex.

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