Review: Serving His Fiancée: Part Two of Feminized Fiancé

Serving His Fiancée: Part Two of Feminized Fiancé
Serving His Fiancée: Part Two of Feminized Fiancé by Ann Michelle

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

It stops at part two? I want more! Part too, Sarah is back and she's still waiting for Rick to answer her phone calls. When she meets Sissy, her mother's new maid, Sarah senses something is off. When she figures it out, boy is she mad.

This turn in the story is good. I enjoyed this one better than the first story. It's a 3.5 for me. The characters are still straight forward. The dialog is a bit hokey but forget about all that. Focus on the humiliations of Rick. Ms. Michelle ups it a notch and it's delightfully depraved. Poor Ricky-poo doesn't know just how much his fiancee will punishment. Too bad it isn't more. She does still love him.

The ending is fitting yet it makes me still want more. Since the author asked if she should continue, here's what would trip my trigger. It'd love to have another few parts. Perhaps there's the bachelorette party with a wedding and wedding night. So many things to do to Ricky for more humiliating orgasms. More body modification for him would be delightful. The bells are a nice touch. Too bad they aren't permanent, hanging from his balls. A fourth part where they go on their honeymoon would also be exciting to read, especially if each part increases in Rick's submissive pleasure as well as his enjoyment in pain. Sarah ratcheting up her cruelty and sharing Rick would also be lovely. Perhaps a fifth and final part where Rick helps his wife get pregnant by another man. Then he helps be a "nursemaid". Those are just my thoughts for some erotic sissification.

This second part is good and recommended for those who enjoy a male thriving through his suffering.

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      Serving His Fiancée: Part Two of Feminized Fiancé (Feminized Fiancé)




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