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Shock & Awe
Shock & Awe by Abigail Roux

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The Romance Review

Spinning off of the Cut & Run series is Nick O'Flaherty's story. Nick is Ty's best friend since they started the military together. This series kicks off right after Touch & Geaux and before Ball & Chain. It's more than just Nick in this story. One of his other BFF, Kelly Abbott, is also featured.

This story is more about Nick and Kelly coming together. It's recommended to read this story before reading Ball & Chain. Kelly is recovering from a bullet wound while Nick is taking care of him. It's beautiful to see two men who genuinely care for each other interact. While Nick is doing what he always does, watching out for his best friends, Kelly is doing everything he can to make Nick uncomfortable.

The banter between the two men is amusing. Nick who usually comes off as decisive is now a shy maiden. He keeps trying to avoid any type of sexual intimacy with Kelly. This is understandable since he's been burned once before when he confessed his attraction to Ty. Still, Kelly persists with his cute taunting manner.

"I'm not asking you to buy the milk, O'Flaherty, I just want you to grope the cow," Kelly said, trying to hide a sly smile by biting his lip. (pg. 48)

The romance in this story is sweet and well played out. It shows a man questioning his sexual preference to experimenting and then all out jumping of his best friend. The progress is adorable to watch. Kelly goes from zero to sixty in his man-on-man love quest. Nick is just along for the ride.

While the erotic heat between the two men is hawt, it's the emotional intimacy which makes it so good. Ms. Roux does a great job of showing how this can be more than just a fling. This m/m romance is recommended for readers who enjoy friends-to-lovers themes.

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