Review: Strictland Academy

Strictland Academy
Strictland Academy by Carolyn Faulkner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Non-consensual incarceration, diaper fetish, lesbian sex and medical kink are not the usual combination one finds in a book. A fan of both Ms. Faulkner and Ms. Hayse, this book piques my interest. The premise is a popular one with school girls taken advantage of by nasty teachers and a schoolmaster. The twist in this one is that it's set in a dystopian world where human are determined to be breeder or not. Corruption is rampant.

Girls are forced into an academy which is supposed to help make them marriage material. This is only if they want a husband who is more abusive owner than a partner. There is no love in this story. It's straight up sexual torture at the expense of young girls handpicked for sexual slavery.

From a kink perspective, this story is good spank bank material. Did I feel sorry for the girls? Not really. I reveled in their humiliations, degradations and constant violations. This story isn't really designed for a reader to root for the downtrodden schoolgirls. A better term for the girls is prisoner. These prisoners are sexual groped by the medical staff, the headmaster and the so called nurses. The descriptions of each horror is decently deviant. It isn't too graphic. With the number of fetishes in this story, the coverage of each is a bit thin. Since this is supposed to be the first in a series, it would have been fine to focus on a couple of kinks and dive deeper into each. My guess is for a broader audience appeal, the authors didn't want to make this too intense or sadistic. This is definitely not a J. J. Argus non-con slavery book. For one thing, this story does end in a happily ever after. Because of this ending, it did lose a star.

The pace of this story is good. The tortures are spaced with enough down time and narration from Molly's point of view to give readers a rest. The increasing depravities helps keep the erotic heat going for those enjoying a bit of "alone time" whilst reading this book. There never seemed to be a specific intense scene for me which would have pushed the envelope and make this molten hawt spank bank material. It will be interesting to see what the two authors will bring in the next installment of this series. Hopefully, there will be either a heavier focus on medical play and body modification or bimbofication and ageplay. Taking it to either extreme will be appealing. Or it could be focused on how girls are trained to a specific catalog for wealthy buyers to purchase. Messing with girls by making the strong ones as weak as a baby and in diapers would be delightful. Or perhaps bright girls forced to become slutty bimbos. And of course the ever so popular forcing of lesbians to service males and heterosexual girls to women. These are popular themes which can be given a fresh look in this world the two authors created. This story is recommended for those who understand the difference between fantasy and real life BDSM and enjoy tortured young girls.

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