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Sweet Spot
Sweet Spot by Lucy Felthouse

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

How sweet it is to be loved by you… This is what Virginia hopes when she falls for Nadia. Tennis is a sport I went through a phase of following and memorizing all the stats as well as the up and coming female tennis players. This story is definitely up alley with young female tennis players and the fact that they are lesbians. Delicious!

Ms. Felthouse serves up a delightful tale of two athletic women moving from friends to lovers. The tennis theme helped bring forth a friendly competitive chemistry between Virginia and Nadia. The two women volley back and forth a lusty flirtation which brings the reader to a steamy shower scene. I'm glad I'm not the only one who fantasizes about a shower scene like this after a good workout.

This story moves at a good pace. The sex is good. The characters are fun and likeable. There is a little plot device which is used to create a situation for Virginia. This didn’t work too well for me. I understand why it was used and how it makes the story work. It felt as if it pulled focus from the story. Perhaps it was a bit too easy an explanation and resolution which is why it didn't do well for me. Still, overall this story is a smooth and enjoyable read. Recommended for f/f romance lovers who want to read about sexy athletic women getting it on.

*I received an advanced copy


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