Review: Against Her Will

Against Her Will
Against Her Will by Britta Ashley

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A dull boring life changed based on one decision - handcuffing oneself to a car. Sarah is a young woman just graduated from college. She's living her mother's dream life and not sure if she wants to stay on course. When her fiancé, Luke, surprises her with a note to handcuff herself to her car door after work one night, her entire world changes. She's forced into a world where nothing makes sense. Sexually violated over and over again, Britta starts to learn her new role in life.

The world building in this story is light. It is a common sex slavery capture theme. The sex slavery organization is called Dragon's Lair and run by the mysterious Dragon Master. The hints dropped about the Dragon Master makes a reader guess who this person may be or how they are affiliated with someone in Sarah's life.

There is decent character building with both Sarah and her supporting cast - the sexual fiends taming and tormenting her. What really makes this story good is the sex. The detailed scenes including ageplay and medical play is so good. Ms. Ashley pens smoking hawt scenes enticing readers who love humiliation mixed with vulnerability. This is a book which should be added to a medical play fetish's spank bank. It's medium level in BDSM torment and graphic humiliation yet it's Sarah's responses which will elicit a wave of lust. For submissives who enjoy being restrained whilst all their body parts and orifices are exposed and controlled, this is a panty wetting fantasy.

The pace of this story is good as it moves from capture to training. The indoctrination and brain washing process is also well written. It's not repetitive nor lecturing. What may frustrate readers is the ending. It leaves a reader expecting more to the story. It's clear this is only the first in the series. The next book in the series can't come soon enough. If it included more graphic medical play as well as more intense ABDL, it would kick up the heat. Maybe there will be some pet play. Hopefully there will be sexual training which will be both humiliation and degrading. I'm hoping for F/f with the nurse and other female captives! I am very eager to see how Ms. Ashley continues Sarah's erotic education. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy ageplay and medical play.

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