Review: Bearing It

Bearing It
Bearing It by Zenina Masters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Addicted to this series, I've now gone back to find some of the earlier ones to see how they are. They are just as good as the later books. Ms. Masters is consistent in delivering sweet romances between shifters. In this one, another unlikely pairing occurs. This time it is between a bear and an eagle.

With some of these earlier books, a reader learns about Crossroads and how this world came to be. The Crossroad rules aren't fully written yet. The people working at Crossroads aren't all there yet. In Bearing it, Fred is a very strong shifting bear. Predictably, she is a bee keeper who owns a large berry farm. Fred's occupation is what makes her sweet for me. I like how she provides a safe haven to shifters going through their first change.

Usually, in these sweet romances, the male and female meet, fall in love and mate. This one is a bit different as Fred accidentally hurts Hektor who isn't as brutally strong. He's an eagle more likely to soar in the air rather than lumbering through the forest. At first glance, these two aren't a match because even their connections with their families are different. Ms. Master still brings them together in a way that makes sense. It's a honey sweet story with a lovely pairing. Recommended for paranormal romance lovers who enjoy shifter soulmates.

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      Bearing It (Shifting Crossroads, #6)




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