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Born Cheetah
Born Cheetah by Zenina Masters

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Rayna is in love with a guy from her high school. Unfortunately, her sister is a no good conniving you know what. Heartbroken, she leaves quickly to live with her in aunt in the city. Now, years later, she's decided it's time to find her mate.

In this Crossroads installment, high school crushes find each other and a spark remains. Rayna may be ready to put her past behind her, but Gregory is looking to find it again. Gregory is the foolish stud chasing after the wrong sister. When the two meet up in Crossroads, Gregory will chase Rayna until she listens to him.

This is a sweet read where deceptions unravel. The premise is a bit upsetting and disappointing. Family, even those created through adoption should stick together. This one, it's a bit malicious and makes me angry. I felt badly for Rayna, the outsider. She is already a bit different being a cheetah while her family of love are otter shifters.

Ms. Masters does another great job of making shifters which shouldn't be together blend into a perfect harmony. Between cheetahs, otters and horses, who would have thought they would all become a family. This is what is nice about these shifter stories. The human side still remains when the animal side comes out. Ms. Masters is a great matchmaker as each of her shifter lovers pair off and ride into the sunset. Recommended for paranormal lovers who love happily ever afters.

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      Born Cheetah (Shifting Crossroads, #7)




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