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Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad by Karin Tabke

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Living up to a parent's ideal is not easy. When a person's entire life goals are laid out for them by their father, it could go one way or the other. They either purposely fail or die trying to meet expectations. In Breaking Bad, Stevie Cavanaugh is the dutiful daughter. The book sums her up in the very beginning.

A genius, hot as hell, and she had balls. The chick trifecta. -- (loc. 50-51)

Stevie's goal in life is to be either a sheriff or the chief of police. She is given no other choice by her father. It is in their bloodline and she isn't going to break it now, even if she is only a female. As her father painfully taught her, she needs to be the best.

It had been drilled into her that as a woman she would have to work twice as hard for half the respect a man earned just by having a dick. (loc. 76-77)

This book is a hard read for me. I'm a huge fan of Ms. Tabke. Her books are so well written. This one is no less. Her insights into law enforcement agencies is always an educational fun time. What bugged me about this story is Jake. Jake Thornton taught Stevie when she was in the academy. After she graduated top of her class, he finally takes the plunge and dates her. Instead of dating her, he fucks her for a one time stand, blows her mind through sexual domination and then dumps and runs. I hate Jake. Really, I do. I don't like him and his excuses are pathetic. I don't understand why Stevie still pines after him. I realize it's hard to get over the first lover, but seriously, she needs a different guy.

Throughout this story, Jake is an asshat. Seriously. He behaves in totally inappropriate ways and on top of it, he breaks Stevie's heart again. It's all about Jake - Jake's poor past. Boo hoo hoo. Jake's inability to commit. Wah wah. Even at the end, I'm not impressed with this jerk. Stevie can do so much better. She deserves better than Jake. This is the first time I've read a Ms. Tabke book where I loathed the guy. I can understand his sexual appeal, but he's not a good dominant. He's an abuser. He's the kind of guy we warn newbies away from because of his own "mental" issues which lay unresolved. He can't take care of a submissive well, he totally crosses the line at work and thinks it's okay. He's the asshole who give sexual dominants a bad name. One could say his intents are good. I'd say, bullshit. He actions speak louder than words. His intent behind his actions are selfish. I could go on about how despicable I find Jake.

The character development in this book is good. Both are well written and the conflict in this story is good too. It's moving and I feel very vested in both the relationship conflict and the outcome of the serial murder case. The villain while heinous is written in a way which is shocking understandable. I did feel a bit of sympathy for him with what he suffered yet his choices and actions I wouldn't ever condone. I do understand why he did it.

This book is a 3.5 star and not a 4 because I couldn't get over Jake. This is a lovely story and recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a tough as nails heroine.

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