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A Clean Sweep
A Clean Sweep by Tymber Dalton

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Watching shows about hoarders may cause a viewer to want to clean their house. One may wonder how these people live with themselves. Many may judge hoarders and their immediate family harshly. How do their families allow this to happen? In A CLEAN SWEEP, Ms. Dalton humanizes hoarders and their families. This story is moving in the sensitivity it applies to family members impacted by hoarding.

Essline Barrone, aka Essie, is estranged from her parents. As an only child, this makes it sadder. The reason she no longer goes home after she escaped through her college years is because of her father's hoarding issue. After trying to stick up for her mother and being slapped down, she's done with both of them. When her father passes away, her mother reaches out to her.

This story is moving because of how realistic Ms. Dalton creates her main character. Learning about Essie's sorrow and rage against her father is painful to witness. The children and spouse of hoarders suffer in a way the general populace don't understand or see. Learning how Essie and her mother couldn't allow people to come to their home or how they had to keep the curtains closed so no one can see the hoarding is heartbreaking. To see how Essie's mother even lost a place in the marriage bed to the hoarded items is soul-crushing. The sensitivity Ms. Dalton uses to show how the hoarding impacts both the hoarder and their loved ones is commendable.

From an erotic perspective, this story didn't need it. Yes, the light BDSM is delicious. It's Ms. Dalton, so it is a guarantee that the BDSM is accurate. It's a poly relationship, so it's going to be smexy hawt. This all takes a back seat to the healing Essie and her mother go through when they clean the cluttered home. A side thread involving a pet hoarder enhances and helps make this story even better. It ties in well since Essie works as a vet technician.

For those who have read all the other books in this loosely tied series, favourite characters from previous books make an appearance. These secondary characters are lovely because once again, it's a community of realistic people helping others in their time of need. These characters aren't millionaires or billionaires. They hold regular jobs, experience the common problems most people go through and enjoy the benefit of a kinky life. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a happily ever after.

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