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Give and Take
Give and Take by Kira Stone

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The Romance Review

Sleeping with the enemy is hotter when it's a threesome.

Hannah Baird is an uptight prosecutor who will do everything she can to make those who break the law pay. She sees everything as either black or white. The person who bugs her beyond her ability to stomach is Dennis Rafferty. He defends the slimy jerks who believe a simple slap on the wrist is fine for harassing and sexually violating others. When they are on opposing sides, Hannah is determined to win the case.

This story is a bit odd. Hannah is not a particularly likeable character. She's the stereotypical ball-busting woman who carries a huge chip on her shoulder. In addition, she's sexually deprived. The only thing close to her having sex is the stick up her ass making her snippy and rude. The answer to changing her to something human comes from Dennis, the criminal defender. He makes her take a step back and see more than just right versus wrong.

The underlying message to this story doesn't work for me. Yes, this is fantasy. Yes, this is fiction. It's not supposed to be taken so seriously. Here's why I found the story to be just okay. The interplay between the characters felt forced. While Hannah became a more relaxed person, the method was strange. Not only this, but a ménage with an established loving m/m couple didn't make sense. The set-up for the ménage is there, yet the connection and desire Dennis possesses for Hannah is not believable. This is really what broke the story for me.

From a sexual tension, it worked fine. The masseuse's extended foreplay plus the nifty futuristic massage table were a nice touch. Where do I make an appointment at this spa? Does my medical benefits cover this therapeutic stress relief? I think it qualifies.

Overall, this story's erotic content is stronger than the plot. For ménage lovers who have a kink for erotic massages.

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