Review: His Defiant Leopard

His Defiant Leopard
His Defiant Leopard by Marie Medina

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Adorable leopard cubs, a sexy vampire and a stubborn adult leopard equals a ready-made family. It's just that the adult leopard doesn't know it yet.

Declan is a secretive and lonely man. His beloved mother is brutalized before he could save her. The only family left, he clings to tightly--his two little brothers who he helped bring into the world as his mother died. When he's separated from them through an ambush, he is determined to get them back.

Thanos is a vampire who is watching his large family finding their perfect mate. A bit envious, he hopes for the woman who will make his life fuller to show up. To his surprise, he trips over his soul mate's siblings. Surprise! An angry man shows up and demands for the release of his imprisoned brothers. To say that Thanos and Declan's first meeting is rocky would be an understatement.

The world building in this story is light. The characters are sweet and easy to like. The conflict is set up well and resolved efficiently. The romance between Thanos and Declan is cute, just as adorable as the two playful cubs. The sex in this story is mild and tame. One would expect a bit more rough body play between a vampire and aggressive shifter.

This is a short and darling novella about lovers who bond regardless of biological sex. Love conquers all for them. Recommended to paranormal lovers who want their happily ever after.

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