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Jesse by Roxanne Byrnes

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Stealing money from a company is never a good idea. When the owner of the company is a sexual dominant who doles out punishment to bad little girls, Jesse is in a lot of trouble. Rourke doesn't take well to anyone robbing him. When Jesse not only quits but embezzles money from him, he will hunt her down, no matter where she hides.

From a BDSM hawtness factor, this story is decent. It does contain a bit of nice age-play as well as humiliation and guilty pleasure. Jesse is a sexual submissive who is frightened of Rourke's alpha male aggressiveness. This does explain why she runs. A bit older now, when Rourke catches up to her, she's still not ready to handle Rourke. She is willing to give it a try. Her education into a kinky lifestyle is fast and furious.

This is obviously a BDSM fantasy story. Rourke is not the kind of dominant one would consider to be a "model" one. This is because he is forcing Jesse into sexual slavery to pay for her sins. Whilst he does train other females into sexual slavery, they all sought this lifestyle while Jesse did not. This little bit of dub-con may blur the lines a bit. This is the reason why this story is being cautioned as BDSM fantasy. The things Rourke forces Jesse to do is smexy hawt and I'd actually not have an issue submitting to his punishments. The slight ill at ease part is Jesse's lack of knowledge in BDSM and her lack of true willingness to submit. She still doesn't know herself and her desires well enough to be able to handle Rourke's training. Rourke may be a good trainer for those wanting to get into the lifestyle, but for newbie submissives who are originally vanilla, he comes across as an abuser.

The story pace is good. There is enough downtime between each sexual torment. The characters are pretty simple - thus easy to understand. The ending is a bit abrupt which leaves a reader wondering what happen to the rest of the book. Since this appears to be the first in the series, I'm intrigued enough to want to read the next one. Ms. Brynes should continue with the BDSM heat and perhaps make Rouke less of an asshat and more of an intimidating dominant. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a boss taking an employee to task theme.

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