Review: Ocelot of Trouble

Ocelot of Trouble
Ocelot of Trouble by Zenina Masters

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A constant klutz and danger to all men, Mina is doomed to live a life all by herself. Every man who is interested in her ends up hurt. Mina is so much trouble, when her family sends her off to Crossroads, all her ex-boyfriends help to raise the funds for her stay. This is probably the most humiliating day in her life as everyone tries hard to make her go away.

Mina's visit at the Crossroads starts out not much better than at home. Men interested in her fare no better. Lucky for her, the Crossroad workers realize there is something wrong with Mina and it isn't her fault. This bit of twist is amusing. How often have we wished for someone who rejected us to have terrible things befall them? Mina may not have deserved her condition, yet it doesn't stop it from existing. Fortunately for her, the man who falls for her won't give up.

Robar is the opposite of Mina. He attracts women to him like bees to flowers. He's rich and loves to try out the latest flavour of the day. Most of the women just want him for his money. When he's forced to go to Crossroads to find a mate for life, he's horrified. Tied down to one woman when there are so many to sample? This is his worst nightmare.

Ms. Masters writes unique characters. Even after reading many of the books in this series, her characters are amazingly different. They all have different problems and challenges. The one thing they have in common is finding a mate at Crossroads. This magical place is a woman's fantasy because it brings true love together without fail. This is place where only the truth is revealed and love can emerge. Another fun and delightful story with two seemingly different people coming together. Recommended for romance readers who love when a playboy is done sowing his oats.

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      Ocelot of Trouble (Shifting Crossroads, #8)




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