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Pets by Mychael Black

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The Romance Review

Placed in a cage for all to see, how humiliating, especially when the other cages don't have humans but other animals. In PETS, Ms. Black twists it around and places Ian Bishop as a pet to be purchased. The way Ms. Black switches the view on how scary it can be to be adopted by a child centaur and left abused really hits home the responsibility of owning a pet.

Ian Bishop is a prisoner of war. He turned himself in because he learned he was fighting an unjust war. Filled with remorse, he surrenders to be enslaved by the centaurs. He is surprised to find himself purchased by Terian, the centaur equivalent of a king. Not sure what to expect, he realizes he must do penance for the crimes his Queen committed.

The concept of this story is fabulous. It hints of possible dark erotica. It also hints of possible physical punishments. None of this happens. In fact, I should know better because Ms. Black writes sweet romance stories. This one is no exception. Terian is sweet and he dotes on Ian. The relationship the two have is adorable. It's similar to a childhood crush coming to fruition.

This story is short and fun. It's an easy read with only happiness and light. Recommended for m/m romance who enjoy a good cuddle.

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