Review: Reality Bites

Reality Bites
Reality Bites by Gail Koger

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Strong females who take no orders from men and cause plenty of trouble are trademarks in a Ms. Koger book. Included at no extra cost is chaos, disasters and sexy men with an amazing penis. What's not to like about her books? In Reality bites, yet another Jones female is doing her best to stay off the breeding radar. She and her stepfather don't buy into the protection from the Coletti warlords. They want all aliens gone from Earth.

Bree's specialty is to wreak havoc against these alien overlords as part of the Resistance. She's been brought up on hate for these males. Personally, I find Bree a bit foolish for her cause, but she's been effectively brainwashed by her stepfather. While Ms. Koger tries to show this is all for the good, it's quite apparent, Bree is a fool. She is young, headstrong, impulsive and in need of a good spanking. Lucky for her, Jaylan is more than dominant enough to discipline her. In this story, more than any of the other stories, I really rooted for the aliens. Bree's antics are foolhardy, dangerous and not well thought out. She's wild and needs to be taken in hand. Perhaps a good daily maintenance sodomy from Jaylan will help keep her in line. Doubtful.

What is a bit annoying about Bree is that it's never her fault. Someone else starts it and she "finishes" it. This is in the eye of the reader. For me, she gets herself into these situations. If she worked more with Jaylan, there would be less drama and better execution of a plan. However, in a dogfight, Bree is definitely an asset.

For those who enjoy insane situations, snarky heroines and much put upon alpha males, this is a fun read. From beginning to end, it's a ride on the crazy train. Usually, I'm not a fan of the crazy train and I want off of it. When Ms. Koger is the train engineer, it's "all aboard" for me. I loved the quirky ways she uses to get Bree out of trouble. I also like how she injects hot erotic sex. The fact that her males are dominating with a slightly intimidating penis is only a bonus. I do like how she makes these females heel to the men, yet not break. I really feel sorry for the Coletti men saddled with these out of control Jones women. I realize the point is for the Coletti to be able to keep their race from going into extinction. One wonders if the men truly understand what kind of children would result in this union. My bet is the men will tear out their hair if they have daughters. This demented space opera is a great read for those who enjoy laughing out loud.

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