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Recovery by Tara Crescent

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When a breach of trust occurs, how long will it take for it to be repaired? Patrick is a doctor who can heal the physical brain yet he can't do anything about the hurts in a person's mind. Sadly, the person damaged is himself and he's not able to reconcile an incident in the past which colours his relationship with Lisa. Should Lisa be paying for a slight mistake which is a trigger for Patrick?

Ms. Crescent does a nice job of showing how a person's past experiences ripple out into their present. When D/s is involved and trust is critical, this complicates matters. For me, I found Patrick's worry understandable yet a bit over the top. He's way too sensitive and doesn't see Lisa for Lisa. It's interesting how the story also touching upon this topic. Patrick doesn't seem to be over his ex-wife in some critical ways if he wants to continue a relationship with Lisa. This is frustrating because I want to smack Patrick upside the head. Especially since the incident isn't a remotely harsh discipline.

For Lisa, I only feel pity. Will she now be stuck with someone who is frightened out of BDSM? She finally finds someone who matches her desires. Then to have him go almost to the opposite extreme of her ex-boyfriend. After the smexy medical scenes with Patrick, it really feels as if Lisa's been screwed over. Patrick pulls a bait and switch. He's a cock teaser in the worse way to a submissive who enjoys both D/s and SM. He hooks her onto erotic foreplay including medical kink and a promise of fisting only to childishly rip it away from her. Ms. Crescent does a good job of setting her character up and demonstrating how a relationship could go wrong so quickly.

The BDSM in this story is delicious. I can't complain to the fisting and the medical scenes. For those who know me, both of these are ones I thoroughly enjoy reading. Ms. Crescent does a nice job with the BDSM. It's just the right heat with sweet romance. This kinky erotica is recommended for those with a medical fetish.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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