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Riding Irish
Riding Irish by Sara Brookes

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The Romance Review

Surfers, bikers and dominants are a powerful combination of sexy goodness. Ms. Brookes kicks off a new series with reformed bad boys and submissive girls.

Avery is a surfer who is hesitant to ever compete in a competition. She practices, signs up for the competition and then becomes a no show. When she meets the famous surfer, Kane, she may change her tune and show up to compete for once.

Avery and Kane quickly fall for each other. They are both water lovers with a shared passion. Kane changed his life by saving lives. The company he started is amazing and if this is really a type of company in existence, I'd love to take classes there. It's an adrenaline rush. The chemistry between these two characters feels like an adrenaline rush, too. They get into it hard and heavy. The sex is kinky, and just when it seems to be going so well, they crash, both figuratively and literally. Avery is in an accident, which whisks her from the arms of Kane.

The conflict in this story is well written. It's frustrating too because it shows how the bonds of family will override a person's good sense. Avery is caught between what she knows is right and her idolization of her older brothers from memories in her younger years. The way Avery has to choose between lover and family is all too painful.

The BDSM in this story is medium. It holds more a D/s aspect to it. It's just the right kinky level for most erotic readers. There is one little piece which may be too much for some--breathplay. It's done in a way that does make sense though, because both characters are water people. I loved it since I'm a convert to breathplay and I tend to be a water person.

The story does move at a good pace. Ms. Brookes does a good job of transition when doing leaps ahead to several years later. There are a couple of pieces to the story which were left out though. The break up is explained after the fact instead of in real time. This I'm mixed about. It works in this story but may leave some readers feeling as if they missed a chapter.

Overall, this is a smexy read recommended for those who enjoy athletic characters getting their kink on.

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