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Shifting CurrentsShifting Currents by Lissa Trevor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Looking for a slightly different post-apocalyptic story? If you liked the movie The Book of Eli, SHIFTING CURRENTS contains some of the same vibes with a paranormal element.

In this world, people are evolving into something more. Some people can shift into other animals. Some people can channel electricity. Bethany is one of the special ones. She is a Tech, someone who can power electrical devices. She's a talented one which makes her a hot commodity. Sometime, too much of a commodity as she suddenly finds herself in dire straits.

This story concept is interesting. I did enjoy it. There are things I liked such as the characters. I liked Bethany and Lucas. The secondary characters were also good. The relationship between the characters worked well, too. The sex in this story is hawt. As a fan of f/f sex, this one does a nice job with two hawt women going down on each other.

What would make this story better is the worldbuilding. This did have a journey similar to The Book of Eli. Bethany is trying to make it to the West Coast. Her travel is fraught with danger. This is where the book comes apart for me. It tries to add too many different things into the story. The outer body experience felt forced into the storyline. I get how it was needed to make the story work, but it felt out of place. While I loved the F/f sex, it distracts from the main plot. The erotic orgies on the train is panty-wetting goodness, but is it really necessary? Moreover, the reason why Bethany goes to the West Coast is strange. Strange as in, where is the back story to this lab? How did the people end up there? It feels like an entire previous book is missing.

Personally, I'd like to have a book focused on those who were trapped in the facility in the West Coast. In that first book, focus also on the world building. Describe how each settlement came to existence. Explain more about each of the different types of evolved humans. Delve into the possibility of "Ghost in the Shell" type ability. Then this second book can build upon that world and feature the villains. This would give readers a solid world foundation and move to the next level. Otherwise, this story becomes a hodgepodge of great elements all fighting for a voice. Instead of working together for a perfect tasting dish, these different ideas clash and cause a chaotic sensation.

This story is recommended for those who enjoy dystopian worlds and an underdog fighting for what's right.

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