Review: Show Me, Baby: 1001 Dark Nights

Show Me, Baby: 1001 Dark Nights
Show Me, Baby: 1001 Dark Nights by Cherise Sinclair

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Naughty girls need love just like strong dominants need support. In Show Me Baby, Rainie is one of the last submissive in training left standing. With each of the other submissives finding a permanent dominant, Rainie is feeling a bit lonely. Sexy Jake is one of the few single dominants. Most of the previously single Shadowlands Masters now have their chosen submissive. When Z mentions something about Rainie's issue as a submissive, Jake is the man to take her in hand.

For those who want a sweet romance, this is the story to read. Jake is Rainie's knight in shining armor. He defends her and protects her. His greatest strength is also his downfall. Ms. Sinclair does an excellent job of creating a character flaw in Jake, making him more real. She does the same with Rainie. Both characters are charming and loveable. This makes for a pleasurable read because the reader doesn't want to keep slapping one of the characters upside the head.

Rainie's history is not ideal. What is frustrating about her situation is how real to life it can be. The way people are judgmental and hold Rainie's past against her is disgusting and pathetic. For someone like Rainie who is a people pleaser, it's even more hurtful and damaging. The shallow vanity several minor characters in this story exhibit is disgusting and explains Rainie's desire to get away and start fresh.

The surprising twist is Jake's issue. It just goes to show, every story has two sides. Jake's last submissive chose her career of him. When she returns for a visit and explains to him about her decision, he's shocked and begins to understand how his actions come across. Ms. Sinclair uses this to highlight how important open communication is in a relationship. Communication is key in a relationship regardless of the vanilla or kinky lifestyle.

The BDSM in the story is delightful as always. Ms. Sinclair does show the better and more romantic side of BDSM. She also makes good points about BDSM which may give those just starting into the lifestyle more insight.

He wouldn’t allow disobedience and really would enforce his rules. The knowledge was…devastatingly erotic. (pg. 71)

This one line captures a concept many who are just joining into the lifestyle don't grasp immediately. Enforcing the rules with discipline be it physical or not, it's comforting and erotic. Why? Because for submissives, it indicates the dominant cares. There is something about a dominant holding me accountable which makes me weak in the knees and a wave of submissive desire radiates through my body from the center out. Ms. Sinclair shows this through Rainie in this book. This I can relate to and thoroughly enjoy.

The relationships between the friends in this story also makes it a lovely read. How they support each other. How they love each other. And most importantly, how they stick up and defend each other which is a blast to read. This is an altogether sweet romance and recommended for kinky readers who love a happily ever after.

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      Show Me, Baby: 1001 Dark Nights (Masters of the Shadowlands, #9)




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