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You Own Me
You Own Me by Shiloh Walker

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Not all bad boys are bad. Some bad boys are so good. Decker Calhoun is finally out of jail for killing a man. He threw away a college scholarship and a future because of a girl. Said girl, Elizabeth Waters aka Lizzie, is his best friend.

Does this even happen now a days? What Decker did was obviously wrong in the eyes of the law even if his intentions were good. Basically, if a person has a temper, it's best they learn to control it fast because otherwise, bad things can happen. The entire premise of why Decker goes to jail is infuriating. I'm not sure Lizzie was worth it. She feels guilty for being the catalyst. As she should in my opinion because her little snit cost her friend ten years of his life and a criminal record. Unbelievable and really stupid in so many ways, I'm not sure how to even start.

Ms. Walker tends to like these anti-heroes where the good person messes up really badly. She does a good job of showing how Decker loves Lizzie. She also does a good job of showing Lizzie's loyalty. What bugs me about this story is the lack of communication. Are there really people in this world that can't communicate with each other? They can't just talk it out? They have to act out in dumb ways and cause themselves more grief? What is with all these games? If so, then Ms. Walker creates a realistic world of dysfunctional people.

The way Derek and Lizzie interact with each other, it's so obvious they have eyes only for one another. The way their friendship is structured, it's easy to see why they are good together. The conflicts in this story are unfortunately too real. With alternative lifestyles receiving more spotlight, more and more people are asking for open relationships. Not because they really want an open relationship, they just want the convenience of a steady person to take the abuse whilst going out and getting their "needs" satisfied. *cough* douchebag *cough* Or as Lizzie's good friend Salah calls it - assbag instead of asshat.

The story moved at a good pace. The hints of sensual tension between Derek and Lizzie is sweet. The sexual scenes all fit in nicely with a medium amount of heat. This sweet romance is recommended for those who enjoy friends to lovers themes.

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Not really a fan of friends to lovers so I'll pass. Great review! :)

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