DIY Firewand


    Firewands for fireplay are easier to make than one thinks. This is yet another toy which is best made
with a group a friends. Remember, instead of a tupperware party, we have a sex toy crafting party!

     A firewand can come in different sizes. Some are really large; some can be small. Most are medium
sizedperfect for heating up glass cups as well as running it down a person's body. The one I'm going
to be teaching you today will take less than 30 minutes to make. Once you become proficient at it,
it will take less time, perhaps only 5 minutes.

Materials needed
1. Fondue Sticks
2. Cotton String
3. Cotton Gauze Wrap Bandage
4. Cotton Balls
5. Tubular Gauze 7/8" x 7"

Cotton StringFondue Stick 
Gauze  Gauze  Cotton Balls Tubular Gauze


  1. Scissors

How to create it

Step one - creating the cover

     Cut a length of the cotton string, at least two feet long.  I use only 2 of the ply so I strip two away from the rest.  Next, take the tubular gauze and turn it inside out.  Cinch the tubular gauze into three sections as shown in the picture.  Try to give enough room between the two ties because we will be cutting between the two cinches.  Turn the two sections back to right side out.  It now looks like a little "hat".

Inside out cut strings 
 cut half Hat hat 2

Step two - creating the inside

      Take a cotton ball and place it at the tip of the fondue stick.  Next, wrap around the fondue tip tightly until it's the size you want.  Take one of the hats and slip it over the wrapped fondue stick.  Push the gauze all +the way in until just a little edge is left. 

Fondue Stick Cotton top wrapSlip over Cover

Step three - closing the wand

      Pull the end together till its closed.  Use the cotton string to wrap around the edge.  Wrap around several times until it's tightly closed off.  Knot it tightly and then snip off the excess string.

 Cotton closed String String tight

Step four - Final Product


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