Review: The ACT Itself Volume 1, Number 1

The ACT Itself Volume 1, Number 1
The ACT Itself Volume 1, Number 1 by BearManor Media

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Those who enjoyed Penthouse and wanted a kinky taste, this is the magazine for you. This is a spicy collection of biographical excerpts, sexy stories and au natural photos. There is a nice mix of stories. The magazine is split into Fiction & Poetry, Essays and Pictorials.

My favourite one is written by Michael M. Jones. Sexy, erotic and delicious is how I'd describe his story. The Sea's bargain is my favourite because it includes tentacles and f/f sex. I'm a water lover so everything about this story strokes me just the right way. It leaves me wanting more. The cuckold one on the other hand isn't to my taste. I usually enjoy cuckold ones, but this one didn't excite me.

The photography is surprising. Instead of bimbofied plastic sex toys, these are real women with real bodies and shockingly, pubic hair. Women are all of healthy size reminiscent of a time when voluptuous women were the ideal sex bomb. Everything Old is New Again photos are all tastefully done in an artsy manner. Some of the women come across sweet and and innocent. Others are suggestive and erotically hawt. Perhaps this is the point so that they can be used as fodder for sexual fantasies of violation.

The Essays showcases snippets of a porn star's life and are okay to read. It's just enough to satisfy a reader's curiosity. It does not lure a reader to pick up the full story to read. It was good to have perspectives from both male and female. Surprisingly, one of them is of John Holmes. The one from the Miss Swedish Erotica is illuminating and quite humourous. I will never look at a lacey white scarf the same way again.

This magazine is one to watch and collect. Recommended to those who like nonfiction mixed with their fiction.

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