Review: Big Flight

Big Flight
Big Flight by Zenina Masters

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Snobbery of physical attributes is alive and well. Molly is the oldest daughter with a throwback shifter shape. Even though her shifter shape is a king vulture and is rare, it causes her parents embarrassment and they hide her like a dirty secret.

Ms. Masters creates another wonderful pair of characters in Molly and Damon. The two of them are sweetly matching in their animal counterparts. Molly is the one who does it for me in this story. She's a survivor who will create her own life sans the baggage of her family. What is shocking is how Molly is treated. Her parents treat her heinously. Molly takes it all with quiet grace and walks away. Yet this isn't enough. They continue to lie about Molly and try to force her to live a miserable, isolated life. Seriously, it's a shock her parents haven't hired someone to kill her. Or better yet, sell her to the elves who want to keep shifters as their personal sex toy animal.

The chemistry between Molly and Damon is fun and delightful. Although they may have met under less than ideal circumstances, it all worked out beautifully. Damon is a wonderful man and he shows how much he cares about Molly in all the right ways. The ending of this story is a delight because it feels justified.

Ms. Masters continuously writes sweet romances surrounding this great matchmaking haven. Can't wait for the next book. Recommended to paranormal lovers who enjoy watching petty people receive their comeuppance.

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