Review: The Breaking of Sabrina

The Breaking of Sabrina
The Breaking of Sabrina by Vile

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Sting (Kink) Rating: ★★★✰✰
Story Review Rating: 2 Paddles

Be careful of what you wish for, because it may not turn out exactly as expected. Mark is an angry husband. His wife, Sabrina, is a bitch and runs right over him. Fed up, he appeals to his friend Vile, to adjust Sabrina's attitude. Is Vile a psychologist? No, he's a sexual sadist who will "break" a woman to submission.

From a writing style perspective, this book is just okay. It is written in first person which is not my favourite. The language is crass and the book is more telling than showing. It is also a very short seven page tale. Does it really qualify as a book? Probably not. As a sexual tale used for spank bank material, it qualifies. This writing is more what I would expect to find on BDSM Library or Literotica. The theme is very popular with an uppity wife being taught a lesson.

Is this realistic? Yes and no. From a BDSM scene perspective, yes. The scenes in here are more or less possible. Is this an accurate representation of the BDSM lifestyle where a vanilla woman is dragged by her hair and forced to submit? Then suddenly she gets into it? Probably not. Still, it's a hot read. Do dominants use this technique to "break" women into being a good slave? Yes and no. There are different styles for BDSM. Every relationship is different. Would this work for me? Probably not. Because I'm into D/s with an erotic power exchange. This is non-con which miraculous turns into salivating sex slave obedience. The time duration for this 180 degree switch is definitely not plausible. And generally speaking, what happened in this story from a legal standpoint is criminal and punishable by law. I bring this up only because of how the book blurb is written - "The lifestyle is not a game. The world of BDSM is powerful and it is real and if you fall into the wrong hands you can get hurt".

The author nails it when he states - falling into the wrong hands can get you hurt. The question is, is this story an example of a bad or a good dominant? In my perspective, it is a bad one. In addition, I'd like to propose the authors are also showing how this is not a good sadist who will cause harm. Regardless of their intent, there are a few things I'd recommend for future stories.

First, get rid of the first person. This may be a pet peeve of mine, the reason why I recommend against it is because it subconsciously makes a reader place themselves as that person. Since this dominant is a joke to me, it makes me like the story less which could give it a lower rating. Second, spend more time with character development. The reader is told Sabrina is an evil woman. Show the reader through a couple of scenes where she belittles her husband Mark. Third, the BDSM scenes felt rushed and there was more telling than showing. Describe the scenes. Add descriptions to the location and character's clothing as well as position so a reader can visualize the scene clearly. The telling part can be when the Top and bottom respond in dialog. Lastly, if a character is going to be just a throw away, leave the character out of the story. Mark's part in this story is virtual nothing. Even the ending is clear that Mark is worthless and his problem isn't fixed. Overall this is a short hawt little read for those who are looking for kinky porn without a plot.

5 stars – The BDSM sex scenes are memorable and phenomenal.
4 stars – The BDSM scenes are done very well.
3 stars – The BDSM scenes are mediocre. May or may not contain some minor flaws.
2 stars – The BDSM were light and just kinky.
1 star – Where was the BDSM scenes? Non-existent

5 paddles - Gripping and un-putdownable. Has a place on my keeper shelf. Great chance of re-reading.
4 paddles - Excellent. Highly enjoyable and well-written. But may not be keepers
3 paddles - Average. May or may not contain some minor flaws.
2 paddles - Contains major flaws and needs improvement.
1 paddle - Not enjoyable and wouldn't recommend.

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