Review: Her Troika: The Complete Story

Her Troika: The Complete Story (Her Troika, #1-5)Her Troika: The Complete Story by Trent Evans

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a review long time coming.  Mr. Evans is one of my favourite male authors.  This is saying a lot since I don't normally read male authors.  Yes, I'm a sexist.  The world building in this story is a lovely blend of Penny Birch Pony series and a bit of Story of O.  For those who enjoy romance with their kink, this story will work well for you.  This isn't a light fluffy BDSM erotica.  It is a well written view into the life of a couple who are become more heavily involved in the BDSM lifestyle.

Breanna is a professional woman during the week and a sex slave during the weekend.  Her husband, Kurt, is her dominant and will be pushing her limits.  When they bring their friend, Derek, into their kinky world, it can be a fantasy come true or a nightmare to forget.  The characters in this story are nice because for the most part, they are the average person one would know.  There are a few people who have more money than the average, but still they behave not too differently.  Derek is the fun one to watch as he learns more about the BDSM world.  It's incredible for him and he can't seem to reconcile his desires with his upbringing.

The BDSM is delicious.  Even the bad examples are well done because it's clear the bad dominants are not well received.  There is a nice blend of dominants who are well established as well as ones who are just starting to learn about the lifestyle.  The pony girl element is good for those interested in equestrian fun.  Each scene is lushly described, placing the reader in the scene as a happy voyeur.  This is a world where women are the submissive, no matter who their husbands may be.  The training and humiliation is written in a highly erotic manner.  This place Kurt runs is a fantasy ranch which many a female will want to experience.  This is because it gives them the freedom to let go and enjoy.  Women in all walks of life can shed their public faces and revel in their sexuality. This story is recommended to kinky ménage readers who enjoys pony play. 

*I received this book as a review copy from the BDSM Group's R2R in return for an honest review

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      Her Troika: The Complete Story (Her Troika, #1-5)




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