Review: Implied Consent

Implied Consent
Implied Consent by Vedrana Nicolaus

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

This story blurb sounded very familiar. It is one I keep in my spank bank which can be found here on Don't ask how I found this site. And don't ask how often I visit it and read stories. Let's just say there is a direct relationship of how much I read from this site when my work is rife with unreasonable client demands and long hours.

This story is about a Brendon who is happily married. When he's diagnosed with testicular cancer, his world is flipped upside down. The story from a sissification body-modification is a spank bank. It is a more polished version of the free story written by Johnthewimp. Still, it is lacking. The characters aren't developed much. For this kind of story, that's fine. I don't need world building or character development. What I do want is more spank worthy material. I can state the plot is a bit better with the mother-in-law involvement and a couple of twists not in the free story.

From a free story standpoint on eunuchworld, it's a depraved little short story. For a paid story, I'd expect more. I want more scenes of humiliation and sissification training. Definitely more pegging and why stop there? Full training as a cuckold would be nice. The addition of a servicing the m-i-l in this story is a nice touch and I enjoyed it. If there was more scenes of sexual servitude mixed this would help. How about a tea party his m-i-l hosts with Brendon as a sissy maid? Videos? Fisting? Sounding? Being fucked as a woman? Although really, my ideas are a bit stale. I guess what I'm saying here is that the story is spank worthy just a bit worn in material. Recommended for those who enjoy castration sissification porn. Get your sex toy out and rub one out while reading this one.

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