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Keep Me Safe
Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ever lost something and wish you had a way to find it again? What if a person is able to locate missing people just through a touch? In the a new series from Ms. Banks, Ramie is able to help find a missing person by touch. Sometimes wondrous gifts contain a negative flip side. For Ramie, the flip side is she connects with the missing person and experiences what they feel and more. If the people are merely deadbeat fathers skipping out on alimony or child support, it may not be the worst thing. Unfortunately for Ramie, she is requested for cases involving foul play or kidnapping. Too worn out, Ramie escapes to hide from everyone. This doesn't stop a determined man from finding her.

One of determined men is Caleb Devereaux. He is at his wits end and wants to find his kidnapped sister. He won't rest until Ramie helps him pinpoint his sister's location. When their paths cross and Ramie is tricked into helping, it won't be the last time they meet. When the other man stalking Ramie gets too closed, Ramie must reach out Caleb for help.

The story moves a bit slower than other Ms. Bank stories. The characters do follow her usual pattern. There is an alpha male lead who believes he can protect everyone and is proven otherwise. A female lead is misunderstood and treated poorly despite her being one of the good guys. From a character development, it's decent and easy to understand each character. Even if some of the minor characters are annoying and need a good slap upside the head, it is easy to step into their shoes. Perhaps if some of the angst injecting family scenes are cut and the repetitive dialog are to be removed, the story would flow at a better pace. In addition, it would make the story feel more tightly written.

The plot is of medium complexity. It's straightforward in the conflicts and the resolutions. The conflict is obvious even when throwing in a paranormal element. For those who don't enjoy stories involving speculative paranormal powers, this story will be difficult to believe. Realists will need to suspend their disbelief in order to finish the book. For those who enjoy or are indifferent to psychic abilities, this is no bother. There is a thrill aspect to this story. For me, it is enjoyable even if it stretched my ability to believe the latest twist in the psychic powers. Recommended to those who enjoy paranormal stories with a psychic thread.

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