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Laser by Viola Grace

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The Romance Review

Looking for a fluffy space opera? Terran Times Second Wave is the series to read. Ms. Grace is known for her short and enjoyable alien erotica. In LASER, this one mixes a bit of Robocop slash Lindsey Wagner Bionic Woman.

Lee is seeking off-world work. At the right place, wrong time, Lee is blown to bits. Very little of her remains from a terrorist attack. Fortunately for Lee, her father loves her deeply and will do anything to preserve her life.

Lee's new life is to be a kind of emergency response enforcer. Paired up with Lukar, an alien, they travel the universe to protect or evacuate. The plot of the story is good. The sex in the story is what keeps a reader's attention. This is one which is deliciously good with smexy fun. Lukar and Lee fumbling a bit at the beginning and then quickly ravaging each other is great. It may seem a little fast for some, but keep in mind this is a short story with a focused beginning, middle and end. The sex is the bonus for some happy erotic times.

The conflicts arising in the story are mild and swiftly resolved. Ms. Grace tries to inject a little behind the scenes manipulation of mating between Lee and Lukar. It's so transparent, it comes across as tongue in cheek matchmaking shenanigans.

Ms. Grace brings an entertaining space traveling erotica in an easy bite-size piece. This entire series is a delectable sampling of sensual play. The characters in each book are different aliens on different planets with different jobs, yet they all possess the same pleasurable erotic chemistry. Recommended for space opera fans who enjoy a bit of cybernetics.

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