Review: The Miller's Daughter

The Miller's Daughter
The Miller's Daughter by Jessica Jordan

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The Romance Review

Fairy tales retold with an erotic twist is bedtime story for adults. In Ms. Jordan's THE MILLER'S DAUGHTER, it's a new look at Rumpelstiltskin.

Elena is the beautiful daughter of the miller who must spin straw into gold. In this story, both the king and the miller are capricious bastards. The magical being helping Elena spin the gold or else face the dire consequences is not as he appears. He holds an agenda which is not readily apparent to Elena. All Elena knows is she'd rather be with the magical being than with the greedy king.

The erotic tone to this story is well done. The story building stays well in line with the original fairy tale. The creative interpretative license applied is decent. The characters are also well done. Elena is a much harassed daughter. With her wastrel and boastful father, it's surprising she is still independent instead of sold to the highest bidder. Rumpelstiltskin is a savior who does have his own agenda. It is possible his agenda is in direct conflict with Elena's, especially if it means he wants her first born.

This reinterpretation could have gone two different ways. It could go dark with Elena enslaved with perhaps a theme of BDSM breeding and lactation theme. Or it could go light with Elena finding her true prince and keeping her baby, too. This novella is a charming romance with a happily ever after ending. Ms. Jordan does throw a little curve to create this sweet ending. Recommended for erotic readers who love fairy tales.

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      The Miller's Daughter (A Twisted Erotic Fairy Tale)




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