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Rock Addiction
Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ms. Singh does it again! This new series, Rock Kiss, from the talented author is entering new territory. This is a lovely new contemporary romance feature a rock group. Molly Webster is the sister of the rock group's spin doctor, Thea. As the guest of Thea, Molly is generally able to attend parties which include rock stars. In New Zealand for their tour, Fox, the lead singer in the band spies upon Molly when she attends a party in their honour. From there, Fox hunts Molly down and finally convinces her to try dating him.

For those who love books with rock stars, this is the story for you. There is a little bit of drugs with the rock and roll. For the most part, Fox is a gentleman and looking for a long term relationship. He's no disgusting Brett Michaels, searching for a female groupie to be his girlfriend. Instead, Fox is thoughtful, caring and able to bend to Molly's requests.

Ms. Singh pens a great romance with realistic ups and downs. There's different obstacles when dating a much in demand rock star. This is more than just the lack of privacy. It's also all the women throwing their naked bodies at the rock stars. Molly is a character who is endearing. She's loving even though she's painfully private due to her past childhood scandal. What makes this story is the give and take between Fox and Molly. Neither one of them are perfect. They work towards a happy medium and it's so good to read it. It's good to see how characters can talk things out instead of becoming drama llamas with contrived miscommunication misunderstandings.

This story is more than just saccharine sweetness. Ms. Singh also injects sharp humour beautifully. One of the lines which made me laugh hard is a warning to Fox when he first starts chasing after Molly.

“Shit, Fox. I saw you leave the same time as the woman Thea pointed out as her sister. If you’ve touched her, Thea will make your life a living hell, probably schedule you to appear on a Japanese game show.” (loc. 474-475)

For those who have watched the latest trends in Japanese game show, this is a very deadly threat. A threat which could result in quite the emasculating harm. For those who haven't watched a Japanese game show, let's just say the clauses for participants must have some kind of waiver for possible broken body parts and possible damage to genitals.

The erotica parts to this story are smoldering. It is a nice balance between the more primal Psy-Changeling series and the darker Guild Hunter series. The story is so well written in the plot and the world building, the sex isn't necessary. The sex is a pleasurable enhancement for those who want well written erotica. The characters in this story are created so real it's hard to think of this as a fiction romance. This erotic romance is highly recommended to readers who love reformed bad boy rock stars with a heart of gold.

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