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Sex Boot Camp
Sex Boot Camp by Paisley Brown

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A free get out of jail card to have sex with other people whilst in a committed relationship is something some people want. To have a few days off spending it in an orgy like environment is even better! This is, unless your boyfriend springs it on you out of the blue and you have no interest in an open relationship.

Cara just wants a few days off to rest and relax. She wants some quality time with her boyfriend. Instead, he drags her to a remote camp where he's separated from her. The camp is to educate her on how to be a better lover.

The premise of this story is hawt. The camp itself is interesting and sounds like a blast. The sexual training in this story is also decent. What makes this a difficult read is the loathsome characters. Cara's boyfriend, Braeden, is an asshat. This is clear from the beginning of the story to the end. That's okay since it's clear he's the one the readers are supposed to hate. Cara is pathetic and whines too much. So her boyfriend wants to cheat on her--better to know now than later. Her attitude and how she treats others in this story is juvenile and petty. She's a brat and really needs to be spanked. It's understandable she's hurt and mad. Apparently her lack in age excuses her to be mean when others are only trying to make her feel more welcome. This is what killed the story for me.

The twist at the end came out of nowhere. This character which was previously never introduced just magically showing up is abrupt. Being never fond of deus ex machina, this ending feels forced to me.

My recommendation is to have a little more set up with this character at the beginning. Or even in the middle, have Cara flashback to a scene with the new character. Another suggestion is to write the story in third person. When the female lead is immature and bratty, having it in first person will cause a reader to subconsciously try to associate their own character with the female lead. This generally tends not to work well and causes a reader not to enjoy the book as much. This is because many female readers don't have the same tendencies to be quite so annoying. And if they did, they don't want to be reminded how they could be coming across to others. When the female lead is written in third person, it feels more disassociated.

Overall, the concept of this story is good. The sex is good. The characters were a bit rough.

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