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Siren Reborn
Siren Reborn by Sophie Oak

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Kitten's story is finally here! Kitten is the submissive whom many may rip on because she comes across as a doormat and she refers to herself in third person. Kitten is also not a common type of submissive found in mainstream "popular" BDSM erotica. For me, Kitten is refreshing and the one I've been waiting to see who her master will be.

I loved this book. My heart broke over Kitten and Mason. I hated Cole and considered him a terrible dominant and lover. Ms. Oak does it again with exquisitely written characters layered with angst and yearning. The characters she creates are so real to me. They resonate with me even though I have not experienced their sufferings. It is difficult to decide which character caused more sorrow--Kitten or Mason.

Kitten is an innocent young lady abusively controlled by her irrational parents. The fear of her father explains her obedience and tentative nature. When she's kidnapped and sexually violated, it is another form of debasement further forcing her to be unquestioningly subservient and more timid. Ms. Oak compares the two periods in Kitten's life and shows the eerie similarity. When it comes down to it, be it family or foe, there is no guaranteed protection against heinous acts of dehumanization. This is a heavy theme and while it is dark for many, Ms. Oak eases the intensity with secondary characters demonstrating generous acts of kindness. This contrast invokes a greater range of emotions from rage at the perpetrators to elation from the saviors. One such savior is Mason for Kitten. Mason is the one who can understand Kitten and help connect Cole to Kitten. Mason's forgiveness is greater than I can fathom.

Mason is an admirable character. It is because he's flawed yet he still keeps his ethics the best he can. He's a survivor even though he's a bit prideful and stubborn. He comes across as a loyal German Shepard who is beaten, kicked and starved for a crime he did not commit. Then he's abandoned by his master to fend for himself. Every time I read the passages of how Mason suffered and combine it with his childhood history and experiences, it makes my heart hurt. This is why I don't like Cole.

Cole is a self-centered asshat who makes others pay for his flaws and mistakes. He is a terrible dominant and I'm not convinced at the end of this story that he is redeemable. Kitten and Mason deserve better than this jerk. Cole makes so many blunders it's difficult to conceive how he will ever be able to make it up to his two lovers.

The way Ms. Oak designs her characters and how they interact is so good in this story. These three characters are memorable and even if I hated one of them and wanted to beat him with a wet rubber hose, it makes the story work. There is more than just the three of these characters coming together. There are other events which strengthen the story with additional layers. Is the culprit a surprise at the end of the story? Not exactly. Ms. Oak masterfully drops hints throughout the book to a satisfying conclusion. Although it does once again underscore Cole's cluelessness and inadequacy as a good dominant.

This book can be summed up with one world--redemption. This is a wonderful ménage erotica highly recommended to those who savor sweet agony.

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