Review: The Submission of Little Emmie

The Submission of Little Emmie
The Submission of Little Emmie by Zoe Blake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Calling all age-play lovers, there's a new author in town and her name is Zoe Black! This is a delightful Victorian age-play story with Daddies, nannies and diapers. Those who enjoy Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL) fetish, this is the book for you. Emily is eighteen years old and suffering under her step-father's vices. He gambled away the home and he can't manage his own household. Emily is stressed as she takes on all the duties of a wife with none of the benefits. She wishes for a change. Little does she know her deceased mother appealed to a friend to take care of her daughter in the event Emily is left destitute. Lord Richard is keeping an eye on Emily since her mother's passing. When the time is right, he maneuvers Emily into a rushed wedding.

I am a huge fan of ageplay, specifically when a woman is forced to be a baby too. The humiliation in wearing a diaper, sucking a pacifier and being taken care of by a nanny is a guilty pleasure. Ms. Black hits all my happy kink buttons with enema, anal training, oral training, baby bottles and more. This book definitely goes into my not so secret spank bank for many re-reads.

The characters in this story are great. Lord Richard is a Daddy Dom who is strict and consistent. The training he puts Emily aka Emmie through are fabulous. The addition of a nanny and governess is wonderful. The education Emmie learns at these deviant hands is panty wetting goodness. The descriptions of each act are well done. It's easy to visualize every depraved act Emmie suffers at the hands of her

One only hopes there are more stories to come with Little Emmie. The story leaves the reader wanting more. Emmie is just starting to understand her place in the household. If a follow up story with more anal training as well as more degrading sexual acts is available, I'd snap it up in a second. Would it be possible for Emmie to also have a mommy? This would be a lovely addition. Emmie also needs to experience a few more punishment implements. Lastly, if Ms. Black would be so kind as to write another story with Lord Richard's friend finding his little girl, I would be in age-play heaven. This kinky book is highly recommended to age play fanatics. This is one that should not be missed.

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      The Submission of Little Emmie




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