Review: The Supremacy of Samantha

The Supremacy of Samantha
The Supremacy of Samantha by Olivia M. Ravensworth

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Men who don't have enough money for gambling need to stop when they run out. Tom is not bright enough to understand this concept. Instead, he bets his wife's sexual services because he know he's holding a winning hand. It is not a surprise Tom loses. Fortunately for him, his friends are nice enough to let him slip by and just return home with no money. Unfortunately for him, Samantha, Tom's wife does not find this amusing. This is the start of Tom's descent into cuckold creampie heaven.

This is a popular premise where a wife is "sold" for a night or weekend to the poker winner. In most cases, the wife becomes a degraded sexual play thing whilst her sorry hubby is forced to watch his wife gang banged. In a nice twist, Ms. Ravensworth changes it up with the wife owning the husband and making all his little friends dance to her tune. Even better, Samantha convinces Tom he is a whore and needs to make it up to her. Because Samantha needs to pay off Tom's debt, Tom must pay her off for settling it. It's a delicious tale of debauchery.

This is a lovely spank bank fantasy with a willing cuckold, spluge squirting gang bangs and cum filled holes. Samantha goes all out with her slutty outfits and porn worthy dialog. The sex in this book is swinging fun. Whilst this can be categorized as kinky and loosely affiliated with under BDSM through the dub-con cuckolding, there is very little BDSM to be found. This is just good ole swinging parties where the women rule and the men drool. For those who have issues with cheating, this book may not be for you. To be fair, the cheating in here is pretty light. The focus is just sex, glorious sex. Samantha receives deposits in her pussy weekend after weekend. Whilst she may be a dirty wife, she still likes to be clean. This is where those who enjoy creampie stories will get a kick out of Tom's janitorial duties.

There is only one piece in the story which could have been edited out. At the end, there is a threat of exposure. This could be the author's attempt at bringing more conflict. Since it occurs so late in the book, it doesn't really help enhance the book. Removing it would create a more tightly written story. If this conflict is still desired, then it is recommended to bring it in a bit earlier and weave it in and out of the story until the ending where it can be resolved.

Overall, this is a fast read. The sex is hot. The concept is entertaining. The characters are easy to like. Recommended for kink readers who enjoy a woman in control when it's a swinger's night out.

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