DIY Zipper Line

Back in February, I drove through a winter storm to attend a little DIY toy class. I'll be providing some simple DIY toy instructions. I'd like to thank Kaldra on Fetlife for teaching the class. Any mistakes noted below are my own. This is intended for:

1. People who live in small towns with little to privacy if they were to buy from a local sex store.
2. People who live in a place where it's illegal to buy "pervert" sex toys.
3. People who don't want to buy on the internet and have it traced back to them.
4. People who are short on cash.

        Now, the first thing one learns is that there are many different ways to create the same toy. By experimenting, you can come up with the way you like best. Generally, we try to follow the KISS method. For those that don't know, KISS stands for Keep It Simple Stupid.

        So of course, this one is going to be over engineered. Zipper lines are popular because they can be easily hidden. They aren't an impact play item but can be incorporated with impact play. In addition, no one is going to ask why you are buying clothes pins and twine.

Required Materials

Wooden Clothes Pins
Ball of Twine
1. Wooden Clothes pins
2. Ball of Twine

Q1. Does it matter what kind of Clothes Pin?
A1. Not really. Most ones are fine. I buy them in bulks of 50 to 100. I don't like the really cheap ones because they do splinter and I don't like to pull out splinters. I also don't like the mini ones because they are too small. There are ones which are plastic which can have a pretty tight spring. It's really up to you.

Q2. Does it matter what kind of twine?
A2. Not really. If you do buy 100% cotton twine, it's better because now you can also use it for something else… like a firewand.


        What would we possibly need to worry about on safety? This isn't edge play.

        This is true. It's not edgeplay, however it can be used on body parts which have fluids. Such as the lips, pussy and cock. There is also a lactating female which means milks from the breast could also be possible. Because of this, it is recommended to just use the clothes pin with one person unless the partners are fluid bonded. As we covered in our STD post, it is better to be safe than sorry.

        Some may ask, why don't we just clean it? This is a good question. Honestly, it's not worth it. These things are relatively cheap. For under $10 bucks you can create many sets of zipper lines. Throwing the wooden pins and string into barbicde for 10 minutes could work. But then string and wood will turn blue and the metal on the clothes pins may rust. Why waste the effort?


        There are two easy ways to do this. One can just place the twine on a person's skin and use the clothes pin to hold the twine. This takes no prep and it's easy to do. This is the KISS method. It makes it very flexible to place anywhere on the body. Pretty much any location on the body is fine. I do not recommend eye lids.

clothes pins w/o string looped

Picture of the skin after the clothes pin have been removed.
clothes pins w/o string looped

        The second method is to loop it through the metal. This allows the pins to keep the string on better and when one pulls the string, the clothes pin will come off. This will allow you to be able to have as many clothes as you want bundled nicely and ready for usage.

Looped clothes pin

bundled clothes pins

How to use them in a scene

        This is the fun part. One can do one continuous zipper line up one side, circle the breasts and down the other side. One can use multiple zipper lines all over the body. It can be placed on the tongue. It can be placed on a clit, cock or balls. It can even be placed on the anus if one so chooses. As long as you can grab skin, you can put it there. (See above where I say don't do it to the eye lids.)

        Take your time applying them. This will increase the numbness and the cessation of blood in that area. When it comes time to pull the string, the blood rushes to these places and it may illicit wonderful noises from the bottom. Then you know you've done a good job!

        How long can you leave them on? I personally haven't had them on more than twenty minutes but it can be longer. I generally don't recommend hours.

        I did also mention how it can be incorporated with impact play. If one were to create a nice zipper line around the breast, using a riding crop, one can smack the clothes pins off. If it is on body parts where the flogger can smack, such as the pussy lips and inner thighs, go for it! Flog off a few of the clothes pins and then rip off the rest with the string.

Now it's your turn. How have you used it? How do you like it?


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