Review: Base Over Apex

Base Over Apex (Kinky Cupid, #2)Base Over Apex by Kim Dare

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Reading this book made me mad.

Adorable Ricky is a submissive finally ready to meet the master he's been chatting with on line.  Wearing the outfit as prescribed, he shows up to the club, ready to submit.  When Jack, the dominant who recognizes Ricky by his clothing talks to him, Ricky is in heaven.  Ricky finally found the one who can master him.

Too bad Jack is not the on-line dominant Rick is supposed to meet.  Instead, it's a case of purposeful mistaken blind date identity.  Their mutual friend, Bret, sets them up and he has a very good reason why.  The reason why is what causes me to see red.

Ricky's on line dominant is actually more common than one thinks.  Even though this is a romantic kinky story, Ms. Dare shows an element of truth for all newbie submissives playing with on-line dominants.  Do your homework.  Make sure to get references from trusted friends.  With good friends, kinky lifestyle aside, it is safer with blind dates.  This story does end well as with all Ms. Dare's books, the reader receives a happily ever after. 

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