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Black Widow
Black Widow by Jennifer Estep

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After making a statement with killing one of the most feared underworld bosses, one would think the underworld would leave Gin Blanco alone. Not so. There are still plenty trying to kill Gin. The most concerning one is Mab Monroe's daughter, Madeline. She's here to avenge her mother's death. Or at least that is how it looks like on the surface. Madeline is a sly snake laying in the grass. She attacks Gin on all fronts - through her friends and family.

Is it really paranoid if someone is really out to get you? This is how Gin feels and is vindicated when a series of unfortunate events hits her loved ones. While everyone is scrambling to fight the problems Madeline's thrown in their way, Madeline goes for the kill with Gin. The first third of this book is knuckle whitening. A reader can see from far away how this is all going to go down. While Gin's loved ones reassure her that Madeline isn't doing anything, Gin and the reader can see the writing on the walls.

Ms. Estep does a great set up for Gin to fall. This domino effect could crush most people. Gin fights it to the death. Gin is one of those people who just doesn't believe in laying down for her enemies. She's tenacious and I love this about her. The way Ms. Estep flashes back to Gin's prior experiences makes this book so good to read. It's a predictable device Ms. Estep uses and it works because it enhances the reader experience. It shows how Gin's past work and her lessons learned from her adoptive father help make her one of the best assassins.

What I like about Gin is that she isn't indestructible. She makes mistakes and she takes the hits. She accepts the consequences of her decisions and then works to rectify the issue. She is able to just barely get through all the people coming after her. In each book, she doesn't increase in abilities. What she does increase in is wisdom. She learns from her previous missteps and continues to grow. In this book, Gin learns some hard lessons and ends in a better place, one could hope.

The twists and turns in this book are easy to follow. I'm always afraid the latest book in the series will be the one to jump the shark. I would have thought after killing Mab Monroe, Ms. Estep would end this series while it's at its high point. Ms. Estep bravely pressed on and brings more enjoyable adventures with Gin. The next one is one I can't wait to read. It looks quite promising for more headaches and new fun for all. This paranormal romance is recommended for those who like a strong heroine who never gives up.

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