Review: Bonded

Bonded by Jaymi Hanako

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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A world where the slavery is the norm may be heaven or hell, depending on which side a person falls.

Jaren Caradoc is luckily just visiting this planet as he finalizes his divorce. His unwise marriage to a rich and spell-binding sorceress nearly takes everything he owns, including his life. When he finds out the person who helped saved him is considered property to be sold, he goes against his ethics and buys her.

Taimi's life is defined by servitude. She knows nothing else. To turn against her owner is a terrible crime which will most likely end in a shortened life. Still, she couldn't let the handsome space captain, Jaren, suffer.

The world building is light. For those who have read many space faring stories, it is easy to visualize this world. For those new to erotica with aliens and space ships, it still should be clear, especially as there is an element of magic.

This sweet space opera is a quick and enjoyable read. The characters are easy to understand. The plot flows smoothly as each scene makes sense. It's a bit predictable as the imprisoned sorceress isn't so easily chained and left behind. The sex scenes in this story are mild for jaded erotic readers. For those who have read the early 1980s bodice rippers, this book may bring back fond memories. It is similar to some of the earlier works by Angela Knight when she first wrote space opera erotica.

Recommended to paranormal romance reader who want to try a little space opera on for size.

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