Review: Clash of Wills

Clash of Wills
Clash of Wills by Britta Ashley

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Sarah made her decision to stay in the Dragon's Lair. She is the only captured female who is ever offered this opportunity and she turned it down. This is because she mistakenly believes Richard will become her owner and the two of them will be together in a life of kinky happiness. When this does not happen, she throws a temper tantrum and ends up screwing herself royally.

The first book in this series starts out promising. This second one is a letdown. The BDSM scenes are still good a kinky. They are enjoyable with the humiliation and corporal punishment. What brought this follow up book down is the plot. It's as if Ms. Ashley rushed the story and threw together several subplots which didn't mesh well together.

A trusted guard for Dragon's Lair suddenly is no longer trustworthy. This is odd and felt forced. It is used specifically to cause conflict between Richard, Julia and the Dragon Master. Is anyone surprised by the reveal of who the head guy is for this human trafficking organization? Not really. What really throws a reader is Sarah's change in behaviour at the end of the story. The way she can suddenly be so mature and come across as a sexually trained submissive yet a strong dominant partner for the Dragon Master is just bizarre. Her ability to understand the nuances and help him save face is not believable.

Instead of bringing this Dragon Lair to a conclusion in this manner, here’s what have been more enjoyable to read. More sexual training of Sarah instead of her being “institutionalized”. Julia taking the second girl and forcing Sarah to take on a role of dominating. This would have brought some sexy f/f scenes. And it would build the foundation of Sarah becoming the Mistress of Dragon’s Lair. Exploring her dominance in this story would be delightful. This would allow a third book where the Dragon Master is revealed and Sarah’s adjustment in being lied to for so long. With this quick wrap up, the story leaves a reader feeling disappointed. This is why it is a 2.5 star for me.

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